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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2007|04:52 pm]

Just to update everyone. I plan to live in Fairfield this summer and round. If any of you plan to come, please contact me. I would love to see you. I'll probably eat at the MIU cafeteria.
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2007|01:42 pm]

On another occasion Maharishi was doing Puja with Sri Ananda Mayee Ma at her place in Haridwar, but finally Maharishi had to go. He told Sri Ananda Mayee Ma, Ma you stay here and continue, and I will go. She seemed to agree and let him go, but after a few moments got up and followed Maharishi out to the car, walking a little behind him with the sweetness of a small child. There was a mala wala — a garland salesman — with a basket full to the brim with marigold garlands on the street there, and Sri Ananda Mayee Ma pointed to him so that her assistant purchased the whole basket. Then Sri Ananda Mayee Ma took the whole basket to where Maharishi was now sitting in the car, and she tipped the whole basket of garlands through the window into his lap.

Ananda Mayee Ma is considered the greatest lady saint of modern India, enlightened from a young girl, an expression of Mother Divine. She left the world in 1982. It was her custom to send westerners who visited to Maharishi to learn Transcendental Meditation — for example, Peter Wallace, the brother of Keith. Her devotion to Maharishi shows again that we have grasped very little of the grandeur of Maharishi’s personality and status, and his role in the universe.
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Story about Guru Dev [Mar. 3rd, 2007|10:02 pm]


Story of the Cocaine Addict

'One day a man who was considered to be very wealthy came to Guru Dev and asked, "I have been so happy whenever I have come to you. Would you allow me to donate something for your ashram?"

"No", said Guru Dev, "I do not want your money but I want from you what is dearest to you!"

"Do you want my estates?"

"No, your estates do not belong to you, you have so many debts."

Now the man was deeply frightened! Guru Dev continued quietly: "You have a little box in your pocket, what is in it, that is what I want, for that is dearest to you! For that cocaine you have been spending all your money and have made your family unhappy. If you have to make an offering, offer not your money but your defects, so that you are redeemed and made whole."

Trembling the man took out of his pocket a little box and handed it to Guru Dev. He prostrated before the master for a long time and then thanked him from the deepest bottom of his heart for having been cured of his addiction.

Guru Dev said: "Now go and work and make your family happy!"'

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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2007|09:50 pm]

I understand that Maharishi is giving special instructions to people who have had a certain good experience in the dome. You have to be in the dome to get it though. Wish I could go.
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night technique [Feb. 15th, 2007|09:45 pm]

[mood |awake]

Tonight I got my night technique.  It's a beautiful technique that is designed to promote enlightenment--especially during sleep.  I haven't done it yet, but I'm excited to.  And it was a really special time to do this.  Tonight is the start of Mahasivaratri in the Americas.  It's a holy day of Siva.  And Siva is a force of nature that is particularly significant to people who do TM.  Siva is married to Parvati.  Siva embodies the entire experience of the deepest silence and Parvati is the embodiment of the most dynamic activity.  Our TM is for householders--it's for people who want to be active in the world while experiencing the deep silence of the absolute.  In that sense we are related to the concept of Siva.  And so tonight was a really special and holy night to be doing this.

Jai Guru Dev.
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Mahatmas [Jan. 17th, 2007|01:06 pm]

[mood |curiouscurious]

So the Mahatmas are coming next month. They're Indian couples who have multiple stations and abilities. They're TM-sidhi administrators, they teach advanced techniques, and they practice the primordial sound technique. So it's very cool. I've been saving up for years and I'm thinking I may be getting an advanced technique this time. The only thing is that I'm thinking I may not want the night time technique.
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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2006|10:48 pm]

Betreff: Nations prepare for the arrival of groups of Vedic Pandits

--- In TuF@yahoogroups. de hat "Margot Süttmann "

"1,008 visas have been secured for the arrival of Vedic Pandits in
Latin America, and in Norway the historic facility of the King's Guard
has become available to accommodate 200 Vedic Pandits. In the United States, approximately 400 Vedic Pandits have arrived, 200 more are
arriving soon, and a total of 1,050 will have arrived in the US by
early 2007.

http://www.globalgo odnews.com/ world-peace- a.html?art= 1166473207958500 4

Nations prepare for the arrival of groups of Vedic Pandits
by Global Good News staff writer

Global Good News Translate This Article
18 December 2006

Today, 18 December 2006, Maharishi gave more details about his
formula for raising the destiny of every country in a single stroke by
establishing groups of Vedic Pandits in every country. 'We have the
overnight to clear the darkness and make the sky full of light,' His
Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said today.

In his supreme compassion Maharishi never stops thinking of how to
every individual and every nation rise to invincibility. Day and night
Maharishi thinks of new ways to bless the world with Vedic
enlightenment and
Vedic invincibility.

The past two days Maharishi has declared he is not waiting for the
governments of the world who are entangled in conflicts, nor the
wealthy who
are busy counting their dollars and cents, but quietly the Global
Country of
World Peace is organizing for the arrival of Vedic Pandits of India
the world to establish peace wherever they go.

1,008 visas have been secured for the arrival of Vedic Pandits in
Latin America, and in Norway the historic facility of the King's Guard has
available to accommodate 200 Vedic Pandits. In the United States,
approximately 400 Vedic Pandits have arrived, 200 more are arriving
and a total of 1,050 will have arrived in the US by early 2007.

These and many more nations are preparing for the arrival of groups
of Vedic
Pandits, who will perform Vedic Yagyas and Yogic Flying wherever they
go, to
crown the country with invincibility.

Maharishi said today: 'I was always finding angles and angles and
angles' to
create invincibility for every nation. 'Now I want quick results by
presence of a few hundred Vedic Pandits in every country.'

Maharishi has given to this generation the opportunity to leave to
future generations a legacy of peace perpetual, rather than a legacy
of war and destruction. Only the most enlightened of the world
understand this, and therefore they alone can act to save our
generation, and create a future enjoying perpetual peace, prosperity
and life in Bliss.
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A miracle is going to happen [Dec. 21st, 2006|10:46 pm]

In TuF@yahoogroups. de hat "Margot Süttmann "

"A miracle is going to happen"

Maharishi concluded by reassuring the world press that a miracle is
going to happen. "With the grace of Guru Dev and the tradition of
Vedic masters, the Vedic Pandits are going to transform salt into
sugar through their Vedic performances. They are going to transform
Kali Yuga, which is the age of negativity, into Sat Yuga, which is
the age of positivity. But this miracle is not an empty hope or a
dream. It is a practical reality that is going to occur in a natural
way by enlivening in world consciousness Total Natural Law—the
perfect system of the administration of the universe," Maharishi
said. "So it doesn't matter what the past has been, because the
collective consciousness of every nation will soon be coherent,
invincible, and fulfilled—free from all problems, disturbances, and

--- Ende des weitergeleiteten Beitrags---
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The role of the Vedic Pandit Performances [Dec. 21st, 2006|10:41 pm]


Dr Morris: Maharishi, You have mentioned that the Vedic Pandits of
India will be directly involved in this adoption of the different
countries that you have just described. Could you explain what the
role of the Vedic Pandits will be? And how do their Vedic performances
work to secure the integration you mentioned the word integration of
national consciousness as the basis for making a nation invincible?
How does the Vedic Pandits programme work to create this effect?

Maharishi: Because the Vedic words are the words of the
transcendental field, being the structuring dynamics of the
transcendental field, they are not limited to space and time. That
means when one word is pronounced its effect is everywhere,
everywhere. This has given the Vedic language the authority to produce
the effect anywhere in space and time from one place in space and time
anywhere in the universe from anywhere in the universe.

All these Yagya performances are performances to neutralize the wrong
effect that may be coming to a person as a result of his own
wrongdoing. You reap what you sow. The phrase is whatever you do, you
have to bear the consequences of it. If someone has done something
wrong today in his affairs and the effect is going to come in two
years, the Vedic performances can do something before two years to
neutralize it, so the wrong effect will not have to be faced by the doer.

It is a great miracle of the authority that has the alliance with the
Constitution of the Universe. With the Constitution of the Universe
means with the Veda and the Vedic Literature, in which all past,
present, and future is available at any point. One effect here is an
effect everywhere. This natural penetration of the effect makes the
Vedic Pandits produce through resolution. They resolve, I am doing
this Yagya, this performance, this Graha Shanti, this particular
Yagya, in order to produce this effect at that time. This is the
specialty of Vedic performance. The effect is not limited to any one
place. The effect travels all over frictionlessly, instantly.

This being the characteristic quality of the Vedic performances, makes
this possible for the Vedic Pandits, but of course they have to
practise. The life of Indian Vedic Pandits has been spoilt a lot by
foreign influences. Quite a lot of impurity has crept into the purity
of their Vedic routine. But nevertheless, the seed produces the same
tree, after same tree, after same trees. So Vedic performances have
that natural ability to produce any effect from any distance. They are
called Yagyas.

When we adopt a nation, we prepare a few hundred Vedic Pandits or a
thousand, two thousand Vedic Pandits, depending on the size of the
population of the country, to produce the effect. What to do to
produce what effect is already prescribed. It is prescribed.

We are adopting the ability of the Constitution of the Universe, the
ability of the Vedic language, to produce the effect from the
Transcendent, from self-referral consciousness, to produce any desired
effect anywhere. It is a great miracle. It is on the level of Total
Natural Law. This is the nature of Natural Law to be able to produce
this effect. The effect is produced from the transcendental field of
consciousness, where every spur of performance is the frictionless
flow of the whole infinity of the galactic universe. It is a big, huge
field of knowledge, which we enjoy through the blessings of our Vedic
Tradition of Masters.

source: TM News Blog from Germany
http://tm-news. blog.de/2006/ 12/19/question_ the_role_ of_the_vedic_ pandit_pe~ 1458460

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Readers Digest [Dec. 20th, 2006|06:57 pm]

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

How to Heal Colds and Flu
Reader's Digest, NY
The Meditation Guide. Transcendental meditation (TM) has been shown to
improve immune function. In TM, your mind and body experience a state
of deep ...

http://www.rd. com/content/ openContent. do?contentId= 32517
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